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Anno 2070

Posted on  Apr 13,2011  06:04 , by EDWARD WONG

The contradiction between urban development and environmental protection is being paid high attention to right now, and even in the virtual world, it is a peg to hang on. The German online game producer Related Design is striving to be the tastemaker as it has just released Anno 2070, a game vividly reflecting the constant [...]


Swimming Under Clouds

Posted on  Mar 30,2011  03:03 , by EDWARD WONG

Due to be released in the middle of 2011 and the result of a collaboration between Piece of Pie Studios and Orioto, Piece of Pie Studios have announced their first ever title: Swimming Under Clouds. Swimming Under Clouds combines magnificent graphics with groundbreaking realistic graphics, with a storyline to break one’s heart. This truly visually- [...]


The Swapper

Posted on  Mar 29,2011  04:03 , by EDWARD WONG

From Finnish indie developer Facepalm Games comes one of the most interesting and innovative games to come for a long time – The Swapper. To describe this game and define its genre takes some doing – in its simplest form, it can be classed as a puzzle game. However, this is not as bland as [...]


Bounty Arms

Posted on  Mar 29,2011  03:03 , by EDWARD WONG

Powered by the Unreal Engine 3, Bounty Arms is an old-school side-scrolling action game, developed by Open-Reset. Having originally started out as a mod, the game has finally been redeveloped and will be available as a full standalone game. Currently, the 0.11 beta of the game is available as a free download, and it shows [...]


Shift 2: Unleashed

Posted on  Mar 28,2011  01:03 , by EDWARD WONG

Keywords around racing games can never spared from speed, competition, and passion. Under these common pursuits, racing games still branch out sub-genres with different focus and emphasis. Some may be comic-based; some are action-oriented; and others are simulation-centered. Among all these, the Shift series including the original and the second are under the clear heading [...]


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Posted on  Mar 28,2011  01:03 , by EDWARD WONG

Rolling mountains erect in solemn against a grey skyline. Flakes of snow are falling and swirling around tall trees and rugged paths. The lukewarm sun slants giant, heavy shadows of grotesque rocks as if smothering all the stirring sounds around. Then out of nowhere, a gust of wind whistles through the rattling of bare branches [...]


Medieval Battlefields

Posted on  Mar 9,2011  02:03 , by EDWARD WONG

The new turn-based strategy game named ‘Medieval Battlefields’ is just released. Well, you can choose one of the three different factions to play, and the following gameplay will be totally different! So be careful when picking the character. You control one of the English, French or Viking army and the battle starts. Move the units, [...]


Dead Island

Posted on  Feb 21,2011  01:02 , by EDWARD WONG

Dead Island has been developed since 2007, but till now the developer did not open its doors to the worldwide gamers. What we gamers know all are about a zombie-themed horror video game. Well, nowadays zombies may not have been the fresh gaming theme, but its scenarios and storyline could be the biggest spotlight. The [...]


Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

Posted on  Feb 18,2011  01:02 , by EDWARD WONG

From Tripwire Interactive comes the second instalment of the World War Two realism shooter, Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. Focussed on the Battle of Stalingrad and nearby battle stages, Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad is the sequel to the mainly underground Red Orchestra: Oststront 41-45. For realism fans, this title was the Holy [...]


Saturated Dreamers

Posted on  Feb 15,2011  07:02 , by EDWARD WONG

Set in a mysterious alien lake inspired by the book Solaris, Saturated Dreamers is an exploration game, in which players discover the various strange and wonderful creatures residing there and call it home. During the game, players must travel in a small ship on their exploration trip. Throughout the journey, you gradually gain different items [...]


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