Dead State

Dead State
  • Release Date:  2010
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Developed by DoubleBear, Dead State is an upcoming Zombie themed role playing game (RPG) which is similar to Dead Frontier and Immortal Night, set in a zombie apocalypse scenario. In the fictional Texas town of Splendid, players will be placed in charge of defences in a local school, sheltering survivors and defending from zombie hordes and other enemies.

Although the main base will be in a local school, the game isn’t simply comprised of a player shutting themselves in and hoping for rescue. You as a player must take your chances and go out in search of food, supplies and other survivors. Although other survivors are in the same boat as you, this doesn’t automatically mean they will be friendly. You can make allies with other survivors, but if you’re not careful you could well make more enemies. Keeping this in mind, the stereotypical slow moving zombies could just be the least of your worries. Simply ignoring them might be a simple tactic, although be wary as making any noises may just attract any unwanted faces around. One or two zombies you may encounter may not but much trouble, but heavy gunfire tends to attract much larger groups, which can be a bit more of a worry.

From first impressions, Dead State may sound like a typical shoot-em-up with zombies involved. However, Dead State tries to create a different scenario, being more focussed on how people will react at a time of crisis, and creating moral dilemmas for players in seeing what people are willing to do to others when fighting for theirs and others survival. The game play is intended to be very dynamic, with each play-through forming a different and unique experience. Whereas some survivors will be willing to join forces with you, others may simply want everything but the clothes on your back, and this creates a scenario where your negotiation skills can be an important skill to possess.

All in all, Dead State sounds like it will be a title to keep an eye on when it’s released. Although the release date is still currently know, it is expected to be out in mid 2011, and currently is only planned for PC. Check the official website at for the latest updates.

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