Panzer Corps

Panzer Corps
  • Release Date:  2010
  • Publisher:  The Lordz Games Studio
  • Developer:  
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Following in the footsteps of Strategic Simulations Inc. (SSI), The Lordz Games Studio has developed a strategy game looking to emulate the strategic depth, simple game player and high level of engagement as SSI’s Panzer General, Panzer Corps.


Publisher Slitherine’s director Iain McNeil said “With this game we are trying to bring the golden age of strategy gaming back to its roots. This game is Slitherine’s homage to one of the greatest strategy titles of all time and we are working hard to ensure we capture the flavor of that masterpiece, yet update it with features and a graphical style that will appeal to a modern strategy gamer”.

Panzer Corps will feature 21 unique maps and 26 scenarios, covering most of the major battles in the European Theatre of War in World War 2. One of the features Panzer Corps boasts in the depth of game play, historical accuracy and level of detail. It features over 400 different unit types and 17 different terrain types, all affecting the gameplay in various ways. Over 15 different nations are represented in the game, whether holding a minor or major role in World War 2.

As well as the major battles in the war, there are also hypothetical scenarios, different ‘what ifs?’ and scenarios based on the players’ success. Time is a major factor in the game, and all battles follow as close to history as possible. Not only that, as time progresses and new weapon are developed, players will be able to upgrade their technology as they become available.

Panzer Corps is relatively easy to play and get used to. The level of detail is outstanding, and delivers a blend of entertainment and historical accuracy in an exciting way. The inspiration from Panzer General is plain to see, but its success may depend on whether the game can live up to Panzer General’s success and ability to stand the test of time.

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